We shall try very soon to return to our favorite romantic spot, the Manse Bed and Breakfast.
Cape MAy Bed & Breakfast Inn

Bed & Breakfast Innkeepers - Anita's Page

Anita and Karsten Innkeeper at The Manse B&B in Cape May

The Manse Bed & Breakfast Innkeepers Karsten & Anita Dierk

Anita's Picks - Here are my favorite things to do in Cape May. I recommend these to our guests at The Manse Bed & Breakfast Inn.


The Washington Inn, The Black Duck, Merion Inn, Italiano

All delicious and wonderful places to dine in Cape May.


Cape May Music Festival in the Spring

Spectacular! Cape May comes alive in the Spring.

Jazz festival in the Fall

Simply wonderful. The Fall is a wonderful time to visit Cape May. The beach is still quite inviting. Some of our Bed & Breakfast guest even swim in the ocean in October.


Theatre in the summer in Cape May is intimate, intense, very professional and exhilarating. We have enjoyed hosting many famous actors here at our Bed & Breakfast.

The Holiday Season

Christmas in Cape May is magic. The houses are decorated with lights and the Christmas parade delights young ones. The shops and restaurants are open so it is an enchanting time to visit Cape May.

Salt Marsh Safari

Fabulous journey into one of the last great remaining salt marshes in the world. Cape May is an important ecosystem for migrating birds. Many work to preserve the local flora and fauna.

See the Chamber of Commerce of Greater Cape May web site for information on the what is happening in and around Cape May.

Duke University Center for Living

I attended Duke University's Center for Living and participated in their Diet and Fitness Center program. For me it was a positive and transforming experience. With the professionals at Duke I concentrated on nutrition and fitness and developed a program for health and well being. As a result, I have developed new recipes for our bed and breakfast based on what I learned at Duke and I am very excited about sharing them with you, my guests. Before heading out for the beach or sightseeing you will still enjoy lavish breakfasts at The Manse Bed and Breakfast, but special care will be taken to maintain a new balance of nutrition without ever sacrificing taste or enjoyment. These are similar to the dishes that we have lovingly prepared for you on your last visit to our bed and breakfast, where guests are always treated like family. Many of the fruits, vegetables, and herbs I cook with come from our organic garden which includes beautiful heirloom tomatoes. Our commitment is to the best, slow food (as opposed to fast) with a focus on old-fashioned purity.